As artists, we are taught to respect our gift and craft in every aspect of the study.  To enforce discipline and a strong work ethic in the learning environment, The Gallery Dance Collective requires that its students abide by the following dress code, as set forth by the Director.

Please note that ALL hair must be pulled back into a bun, away from the face.

We are partnered with Discount Dance Supply and have created a pre-determined shopping list, based on the students’ class placement.  If you already know your child’s class placement and wish to order your supplies online, please click here.  Simply click on the drop-down box and select the age group that corresponds to your child’s enrollment.

Please note that the colors for all shoes and leotards have been selected by default; you will only need to select the color tights that best fits your dancer’s complexion.  Please reference the Dress Code, below, if you have any other questions.

If you already know your child’s class placement and wish to purchase your dance supplies locally, please reference the chart below:

If you have questions regarding your child’s placement, please contact info@gallerydancemd.com to schedule an evaluation session with our staff.